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SI4T : Framework

SI4T = Search Integration 4 Tridion, a set of open source projects to help you get SDL Tridion CMS managed content into your web app search index

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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide a generic framework for integration of the SDL Tridion CMS with front-end search engines for your web applications. As such it is concerned with:

The project is not concerned with providing search engine specific integration code, but rather the hooks in which search engine specific modules can be integrated. An example integration with Apache Solr is available in the Solr sister project. This is provided as an example to get a simple search engine integration up and running, and to be used as a basis for other search engine-specific modules, which we encourage to be developed under open source license.

A brief overview of the project can be found in this presentation

Full documentation is on the Project Wiki

An overview of all SI4T projects can be found in the SI4T overview.